AdCom Lab Marks the End of a Very Active Year

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Advanced Communications (AdCom) Lab at the Department of Electrical EngineeringSyed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), marked the end of yet another productive year. The lab's research work during the past year, directed by three faculty members, Dr. Ijaz Haider NaqviDr. Momin Uppal, and Dr. Naveed-ul-Hassan, has been accorded international recognition through the acceptance of 15 publications at prestigious peer-reviewed journals and conferences (listed below). In addition, during the year 2013, the lab has been able to secure new research grants worth more than PKR 12 million, with several other proposals in the pipeline (listed below). The lab has continuing collaborations with prestigious international universities such as Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Zhejiang University, China, Supelec, France, Texas A & M University, and INSA Rennes, France.

The lab's research spans many diverse aspects of modern-day telecommunication systems such as cross layer optimiSation and networking problems in upcoming wireless systems (LTE/LTE-A), event detection and identification in wireless sensor networks, efficient strategies for cognitive cooperative communication, experimental implementation of relaying platforms,  performance analysis of ultra wideband systems, applied signal processing, as well as scheduling algorithms and demand shaping in smart grids. In addition to the three directors, the lab comprises of a dedicated team of graduate students, as well as full-time research assistants.


List of Publications in 2013-14

Journal Publications

  1. N. Shahid, I.H. Naqvi, and S.B. Qaisar, ‘One Class Support Vector Machines: Analysis of Outlier Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks in Harsh Environments,’ Springer - Artificial Intelligence Review, January 2013.
  2. Naveed Ul Hassan, M. Asaad, and H. Tembine, ‘Distributed H-infinity Based Power Control in a Dynamic Wireless Network Environment," IEEE Communications Letters, June 2013.
  3. M. Uppal, G. Yue, Y. Xin, X. Wang, and Z. Xiong, ‘A robust multi-level design for dirty-paper coding,’ IEEE Transactions on Communications, July 2013.
  4. Naveed Ul Hassan, M. Pasha, C. Yuen, S. Huang, and X. Wang, ‘Impact of Scheduling Flexibility on Demand Profile Flatness and User Inconvenience in Residential Smart Grid System,’ Energies 2013, 6(12), 6608-6635; doi:10.3390/en6126608, December 2013.

Proceedings of International Peer-Reviewed Conferences

  1. L. Yi, Naveed Ul Hassan, H. Shisheng, and C. Yuen, ‘Electricity Cost Minimization for a Residential Smart Grid with Distributed Generation and Bidirectional Power Transactions,’ Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, (ISGT), Washington, DC,  February 2013.
  2. Naveed Ul Hassan, X. Wang, H. Shisheng, and C. Yuen, ‘Demand Shaping to Achieve Steady Electricity Consumption with Load Balancing in a Smart Grid,’ Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, (ISGT), Washington, DC, February 2013.
  3. N. Shahid, S.B. Ali, K. Ali, M.A. Lodhi, O.B. Usman, and I.H. Naqvi, ‘Joint Event Detection & Identification: A Clustering based approach for Wireless Sensor Networks,’ Proceedings of IEEE Wireless Communication & Networking Conference (WCNC), Shanghai, China, April 2013.
  4. T. Ahmed, M. Uppal, and A. Muhammad, ‘Improving efficiency and reliability of gunshot detection systems,’ Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Vancouver, Canada, May 2013.
  5. F. Khalid, M. Uppal, and S. Masud, ‘Design and Implementation of an ML Decoder for Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes,’ Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Beijing, China, May 2013.
  6. I. Tariq, I. H. Naqvi, ‘Frequency Band Selection and Channel Modeling for WNSN Applications using SimpleNano,’ Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Budapest, Hungary, June 2013.
  7. M. Uppal, K. Qaraqe, and Z. Xiong, ‘Joint Slepian-Wolf/Dirty-paper coding,’ Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Budapest, Hungary, June 2013.
  8. A. Sanaullah, and M. Uppal, ‘Low-cost implementation of multi-agent pursuit and detection,’ Proceedings IEEE International Multi-Topic Conference (INMIC), Lahore, Pakistan, December 2013.
  9. Naveed Ul Hassan, S. Hussain, C.  Yuen, and L. Duan, ‘Tradeoff Between Spectrum Cost and Quality of Service in A Cognitive Radio Network,’ Proceedings of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Atlanta, GA, December 2013.
  10. A. Aziz and M. Uppal, ‘Energy-Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing using Rateless Coded Relaying,’ Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Istanbul, Turkey, April 2014 (to appear).
  11. T. Khan, T. Anwar, M. Haider, and M. Uppal, ‘Efficient relaying strategy selection and signal combining using error estimation codes,’ Proceedings of IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), April 2014 (to appear).


Approved Research Grants

  • Design and implementation of an experimental platform for cognitive cooperative communications, National ICT R& Fund, approved June 2013.

            Principal Investigator: Momin Uppal

            Funding Amount: PKR 11.79 million

  • Industrial monitoring and control via Wireless Sensor Networks, LUMS Faculty Initiative Fund, July 2013.

            Principal Investigator: Ijaz Haider Naqvi

            Funding Amount: PKR 500,000

Ongoing Research Grants

  • Safety assurance in high stress environments, National ICT R&D Fund, April 2012.

            Principal Investigators: Saad-Bin Qaiser (NUST) and Ijaz Haider Naqvi

            Funding Amount: PKR 14.5 million

  • Uncertainty quantification of water management strategies under climate change, LUMS and WWF Pakistan, January 2013.

            Principal Investigators: Naveed ul Hassan and Abubakr Muhammad

            Funding Amount: PKR 250,000